Science Lesson: Geodes Rock!


Finding the right science curriculum for the younger kids (6 & 4 years old) has been a challenge.  Until we find the right program, the internet has been my main source for what they should be studying for their grade level, worksheets, videos, and project ideas.  (See link list below)   However, on a recent shopping trip we picked up some ‘rocks’ that lead us down an entirely unplanned path to learning, learning to read instructions that is.
Geodes look like any other rock on the outside, but inside they house crystals of all sorts!  I found Wiki’s information on geodes the easiest to turn into a lesson for the kids.  Once they had a clear understanding we moved the class outside and tried our best to break those rocks open.  This is one of those instances when I only glanced at the instructions, big mistake.

Here are the instructions.


Okay put it into a bag or sock and ignore the rest. We got it from here…


With rocks in socks we proceeded to swing and bang the rocks onto a larger rock in the yard.  I don’t quite know what I was thinking, but when Essie missed her head by about an inch I did think to myself, “This can’t be the best way.”


Essie’s actually broke pretty easily and if you look at the picture above you can see a layer of crystal running through it.  Kinda.


Vin’s on the other hand seemed to mock our efforts.  A tiny chip revealed what looked to be knobby little crystal pellets.  So I took the sock from Vin and proceeded to bang it, crazy lady style!  After repeated hits the only thing I had to show was a sock full of holes. None deterred, I switched to Essie’s sock and when her sock was also filled with holes I proceeded to throw it onto the concrete driveway walls. 

Guess what…no change. 

I finally relented and with the three of us huddled around the rock still laying fully intact on the ground I said, “I think we’re going to have to use a hammer.” 

Vin replied, “Yeah, ‘cause you banged the shit out of it.”  God bless my son, he is his mother’s child.  I forgave him this time, because he was speaking the truth.

My husband and I have an unspoken code of ethics, he doesn’t get into my stuff and I don’t get into his.  So we had to wait for Dad to come home and wouldn’t you know it, it only took him two swings of the hammer to bust open that damn thing!  Lesson learned, fully read the instructions before you start banging rocks around.

I’d love to show you the tiny little crystals that were inside Vin’s rock but alas, once it was broken he began playing outside and lost them.

Now as promised, here are a few of my favorite science resource sites!

Teach-nology All kinds of worksheets for all levels of learning.
PBS Teachers I cannot say enough about PBS and how helpful it is, this is just ONE small part of a number of resources they offer.
TLS Books Great worksheets for the younger ones. Another all around great site to add to your favorites.

(We purchased our geodes at a Stonecrest Book and Toy, they are from GeoCentral.)

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