Challenge Follow-up


If I never see another ornament…just kidding.  I may be a little burned out but I’ve still got other holiday crafting ideas up my sleeve and you can be sure I’ll be sharing them.

The Challenge…ahh, where to begin?  Instead of drawing even more attention to the misses I’m going to go over my three favorite ornaments. 


Medallions!  They’re versatile, quick, easy, simple, elegant and would look good on any tree.  I love that!  While the kids didn’t really help me with it an older child could easily put these together without any supervision.


Those darn paper snowflakes.  If you read the post you know these snowflakes have been on my ‘to-make’ list for years now but it took my little brother to finally get me to make them.  Once you make one you will be amazed at their sheer beauty and the little effort that goes into them.


What can I say, I’m a sucker for a nice dress.  Since that ornament swap this ornament has been my favorite and now I have tons of them to decorate my tree! 

Honestly I really like all the ornaments!  Sure there were some that could’ve been a little less ugly but all things considered they’re not that bad.

Like I said earlier, I still have a Christmas MUST MAKE list a mile long but I am taking a few days off to recharge and line out a plan of action.  I’ve got a lot to make in less than a month. 

Wish me luck! 


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