NUO Challenge Ornament #6 Paperback Lions

Okay, okay first off, cut me some slack on the magazine cut-outs, it was a long weekend!  I guess I should’ve shared a better picture…there’s one at the end of this post. 


Back to the sixth ornament, Paperback Lions.  I wish I could take credit for this but it was really all the kids.  I had taken out my box of supplies, i.e. things I rescued from the recycling basket, and an ornament I wanted the kids to try to make.  Once they looked at it they said no, it’s boring.  Then Essie pointed out that it looked like a lion’s mane.  Well, we all started playing and creating and this is what we came up with. 



  • a couple of used thread spools, any size, we stuck with smaller ones.
  • mini silver cupcake liners, if you’re using a larger spool obviously use a larger cupcake liner
  • googly eyes
  • a page from an old paperback
  • thread
  • red felt
  • glue


As you can see in the video, we pulled all of our supplies together and began using the googly eyes, felt, and thread whiskers to create a lion’s face on the ‘smooshed out’ cupcake liner.  We used a little triangle from the page to make his nose.  Important note…well, see, you should actually cut the fringe for the lion’s mane before you start gluing down the face.  To do this just cut the fluted edges of the cupcake liner.

While your face is drying, he he, go ahead and wrap your spool with a strip of the book page.  I sized and cut the pieces ahead of time so the kids could easily glue it on.  Sorry, I thought I had a picture of this but must have deleted it.

Once you’ve added the thread hanger through the spool go ahead and glue your lion’s face to the spool like so…


The kids wanted me to craft wire legs and a tail for the lions…I told them it was time for Wild Kratts and they forgot.  Still I think they look pretty good even if they don’t have legs or a tail.  Here’s a side view.




See, I swear these magazine ornaments really aren’t that bad!lol


For more on the inspiration behind this Challenge click here.

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  1. these are super cute!! Love that the kiddos wanted to add legs and a tail!
    Can not wait to see your tree.

  2. This looks SO cute and something I can do with my little ones, I’m book-marking this to make later! I found you via “Lil’ Luna Link Party”. I’m your newest follower and would love a “follow back”!

    Have a great week,

    Jillian @

  3. These are so cute! Very creative! I am now your newest follower via Passionately Artistic. I hope you will follow me, too! Blessings to you!

  4. These are so cute! My kids would love to make these.

    I would love to invite you to share this at my Thingamajig Thursday party...


  5. So cute. Thank you for linking up to More the Merrier Mondays.


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