NUO Challenge Ornament #5 Magazine Cut-outs


I had every intention of taking some time this weekend to get ahead on this challenge, I swear!  But then I broke a tooth.  So I’ve been a sort of drug-induced haze, and it’s not helping my to-do list!  Still, I was able to get the kids behind this one, mostly because they’ve all wanted to try out the sewing machine!  It’s a pretty simple idea, and while it doesn’t match my ‘tree theme’, these ornaments will help decorate our home in another way you’ll just have to wait to see!

  • magazines ( I actually used an Express mailing we received the thicker paper holds up best in the sewing machine.)
  • ribbon
  • sewing machine



Using the thickest pages of your magazine, fold two pages in half and cut out the profile of a classic ornament shape.  When you fold it open it should be symmetrical, plus you have a nice guide line for the next step. Like I said, this is an easy one - Once they’re cut out, holding the two pages together, line up the fold line in your sewing machine and sew straight down.  It’s best to start at the bottom of the ornament and work towards the top.

Once you get close to the top of the ornament, stop sewing, loop about six inches of the ribbon and slid it between the two pages.  Continue sewing to the top of the ornament, through the ribbon. If you’re like us and don’t really care if you have a ribbon or not, you can tie together the extra string, from sewing it – there has to be a technical term for that…selvage?  I don’t know?  Anyhow, it works too! 


Plus if you want to have a little extra fun, use different stitches!  The kids enjoyed getting to pick out and punch in the right numbers on the machine.


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  1. Love to see that you are sewing with your daughter! This is a memory maker!!


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