NUO Challenge Ornament #4 Okra on a Stick

007 Okay, I can’t claim this ornament as my own, Clara from the Pulaski County Farmer’s Market gave me the idea when we were talking about what to do with okra that had gotten too large.  Why did it get too large you ask?  Because we don’t eat it.  I’ve never liked it and planted it on a lark.  Am I ever so glad that I did.  I don’t know if you’ve ever seen an okra plant but it’s absolutely lovely and will be a staple in my gardens from here on out!

As you can see from the picture this ornament is really a spike that can be used to fill in those empty spots in the tree or skip the tree and put them in a stylish vase anytime of the year!



  • dried okra ( Okay I know not everyone has this, but it’ll be a good excuse to plant it next spring!)
  • glue
  • skewers
  • spray paint


I didn’t know if the okra would spring open on its own (so that the seeds would fly away on the wind) so I took matters into my own hands.  A little over a month ago I cut what was left off the plants and laid them out on our deck to dry.  As they dry, they split open and once that started I’d help it along by kinda peeling it like a banana and plucking out all the seeds.   From there I shaped it like a flower and let them dry out even more.


As they dried, a natural hole formed where the okra had been cut from the stalk.  I’m sure you crafty people can figure out the rest!


With a dab of glue on the tip of the skewer, stick it into the okra, let it dry, and then paint it however you please. 



For the record, and this photograph is proof, I DID let the kids help.  I actually handed  each one of my children a can of spray paint and told them to go crazy…only one of them was actually strong enough to push the nozzle. 


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  1. How easy you created creative work from wasted stuffs. Never think about to create these things on this way. I learned lot. Will be best to create with other vegetables and fruits.
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  2. SOOOO creative. what a great idea..Found ya at mad skillz Monday and I'm officially following your lovely blog here.. I'm Marilyn and would love for you to stop in sometime and visit / hopefully share this via my thanksgiving craft party pweease.. TY


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