NUO Challenge Ornament #18 MORE PAPER!


Let’s face it paper ornaments are much easier when you’re crafting with kids.  So yes, this is another paper ornament! 

 How About Orange was one of the first blogs I fell in love with and she’s got a ton of great ornament tutorials.  This ornament is another one of my favorites.  Ours are made from vintage book pages and not nearly as pretty as hers but I still had fun with this one!

026 027

Sorry no tutorial for this one.  Just this link to How About Orange you won’t regret it!  Now, remember I’m working with kids so it took us a bit to get the paper strips spread out just right and it never lasted long as you can tell from the photos.

Don’t forget tomorrow’s ornament will be from Heather over at The Sewing Loft!  I can’t wait to see what she’s got…I don’t want to gossip but, you know some of her creations found their way backstage at the American Music Awards!  Awesome right?  Go Heather!


For more on the inspiration behind this Challenge click here.

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