NUO Challenge Ornament #15 –Martha’s Loops


Yes, this is inspired by a Martha ornament…see! Of course her's are perfectly symmetrica. The basic concept behind this ornament lends itself to any decorating style, notice the vintage book pages, and gives the opportunity for playing around.  Keep reading and I promise this you’ll see what I mean!


  • paper, cut 1” x 5”

  • glue sticks

  • stapler

  • thread for hanging
  • 001


    I think you get the gist of this ornament, it’s pretty easy to understand but what turned out to be a surprise was that  when I let the kids just GO with it, they designed their own ornaments!

    010 011 032

    See what I mean, Charles and I followed the rules and went with the classically looped paper.  Vin and Essie got crazy with it and well, I really like it!


    For more on the inspiration behind this Challenge click here.

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    1. Those turned out very nice!! Please feel free to link up to my Make Yourself Monday Blog Hop!

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    2. These are really classy.
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