Granny Square Purse Tutorial

A woman’s purse is like a baby’s diaper bag.  It contains everything she needs to get through her day, outside the comfort of home, and it does it all with style.  It defines functional fashion. 
A number of months ago I saw this super, awesomely sweet bag on Etsy, that I can no longer find.  Yes, I should’ve just bought it but, if you saw my stash of unused yarn, I’m hanging my head in shame, I had to just make my own.  Here’s a quick tutorial, that will only be helpful to you if you already know how to crochet (basic sewing experience is also helpful).  I have to warn you this was quick and easy I’m sure there will be more in the future!

Wooden Handled Granny Square Purse
  • Start with 17  five inch granny squares.  033
  • Sew your squares in the pattern shown above, yes, I made more than one.  It should look like the image below when you fold it in half.041
  • With a crochet needle, follow the arrows and sew the sides of the purse together.#1
  • Take the folded squares on each corner, unfold it so that it lines up with the front and back of the bag.  When it’s in front of you it this will make more sense, you are basically just closing up the bottom of the bag.#2
  • After you’ve picked out your lining material cut out your material to fit. This is where I didn’t plan ahead and had to improvise.  Technically speaking this is probably best to do before you start folding and sewing the bag together.  052
  • Sewing the lining for the bag is pretty easy, there are many tutorials out there if you’re still unsure.  Just make sure you square off your corners so that you get a nice flat bottom inside.
  • Attaching the lining to the bag is easiest if you can machine sew it, BUT, be careful.  I started to machine sew this bag’s lining and the stitches were too tight on the crocheted front and it just looked ugly so I opted to blanket stitch instead.
  • Now that the bulk of the bag is done, you need to sew the handle to the bag through the top corners.  099
Wow, I just read through everything.  What a lackluster tutorial, if it even qualifies as one.  Sorry, but if you have any questions you can feel free to ask me!

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  1. Well aren't you just the CLEVEREST! You know how fast I crochet. NOT! HUGS!

  2. Oh, good! Glad to know granny squares are good for more than just blankets! Your purse looks very stylish.

  3. granny squares are also good for pillows, lamps, bag beans(for seatting down ) etc.-..your imaginations is the limit.... by the way...your purse is lovely ;)


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