*NUO* Poured Paint Glass Ornament

Poured Paint Christmas Ornament

I’m always on the lookout for a great, quick craft and this ornament certainly fits the bill. -Erin

poured paint glass ornament

I'm thrilled to be sharing this ornament as part of the "No Ugly Ornaments" series. I'm Carolina from 30MinuteCrafts.com where I share tutorials for crafts that take 30 minutes or less. Sometimes a lot less! These ornaments take very little time. They are quick and easy to make - and as long as you use colors that work well together, really hard to mess up!

Start with some basic glass ornaments from the craft store. I picked a heart shape, but you can pick any shape you like. To paint the ornament, I used paint specifically designed for glass. These have a little extra sparkle and look great on the ornament. These glass paints also have a great fine-point tip. Perfect for getting the paint where we need it. After removing the top, I squirted some paint down at the very bottom of the ornament, and then a contrasting color near the top of the ornament. Then I rotated and tapped the ornament to move the paint around. Once the paint fully covered the inside of the ornament, I put it upside-down in the tray it came in until it dried. Then it was as simple as popping the top back on and adding a little ribbon for hanging!

Poured Paint Ornament


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