Summer of Science: The Wobbling Planet

Science Experiment

It’s the second week in our Summer of Science series and we’re continuing on the topic of our Earth, what it’s made of and how that effects it’s rotation.  The Wobbling Planet experiment is designed to show how the liquid metals inside our planet cause it to wobble and it actually slows its rotation.
  • One raw egg
  • One hard boiled egg

This is one of the best lessons we’ve had so far.  Take both eggs and spin them on the table.

I know right! My husband didn’t believe me and we had to do it all over again for him to watch and I made a point of having him spin the eggs without knowing which was which.  So why did the hard-boiled egg spin so fast why the raw egg wobbled? 

The inside of the hard boiled egg is solid and it starts spinning at the same time as the shell.  The raw egg however, is like our planet, because it’s liquid inside it moves slower causing it to wobble and stop suddenly.  Pretty simple huh?

My kids instantly asked me, how can metal be liquid so Thursday we’re going to show how metal can become liquid.

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