NUO Challenge Ornament #7 Medallions


Remember yesterday when I said the kids didn’t want to make an ornament so they came up with the lion.  This is the ornament they didn’t want to make.


  • silver cupcake liners
  • book pages (cut into 1.5 to 3 inch squares, 4 square per medallion)
  • glue
  • elastic thread


Start off by smooshing out two cupcake liners.  Then fringe the edges of both of them.


Now we’re going to put the two liners together and add the elastic thread as our hanger.

So after this step I pulled out my Martha Stewart folding tool and tried to explain how to use it to the kids. 


It was about this time I lost the attention of the kids and had to go it alone. 


After scoring all the squares, I folded and glued four of them together to create a medallion.  I planned on doing this with good old Elmer’s but opted for the glue gun since the kids had already bailed on me. 

Once the medallion was done I glued it to the silver cupcake lines and admired the simple beauty of this ornament.



They look pretty good layered too.

Don’t forget tomorrow we’ll be heading over to The Sewing Loft to see what Heather’s created this week!


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