NUO Challenge Ornament #2 – Paper Birds


I may have accidentally cut off the tip of his beak, but the kids and I really enjoyed making these ornaments and they’re super easy!  We used this bird ornament from Under the Table and Dreaming as our inspiration and kinda went from there!


  • Vintage book pages or your favorite patterned papers
  • Bird and wing template – sorry it’s *no longer available if you need it.
  • tape, double sided works best
  • glue
  • embellishments of your choice
  • twigs or leaves
  • ribbon or twine


Now might be a good time to point out that I have decided to go with  a theme this year and that is vintage papers, black, silver, and blue. 


To start off I went ahead and cut out two bird bodies and one set of wings for each of us.

We decided to decorate the wings with our silver glitter glue, my favorite, and while they were drying we went outside in search of twigs for their legs.  We found that the stalks of leaves were the best for us; they weren’t too heavy and they didn’t create unnecessary bulk in the ornament.


Next we taped our ribbon and leaf stalk legs to one of our bird bodies.  Then we carefully lined up our two bird bodies and taped them together, hiding the ends of the ribbon and stalks between them.
Once the wings were dried we put a dab of glue in the center and folded it over our birds body.

Here’s another one all done!


Hang on to your hats ornament fans! 
Tomorrow I’ll be taking a day off!  In fact I’ll be taking every Thursday off.  But don’t worry, my crafty friend Heather is ready to fill in!  We’ll have a link to her creations or you can find her at The Sewing Loft
See ya Friday!


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  1. Thanks for stopping over at my blog and leaving a kind comment. I love that these bird ornaments are simple enough to do with the little ones. I'm also your newest follower.

  2. What a lovely simple idea. I would love to do some of these with my second grade class at school! They could be tree decorations too:)

  3. Adorable!! These are so simple and cute!! I love the little legs!

  4. She did a simple and too beautiful work. Currently I started paper cutting work on Christmas celebration. The little legs are so beautifully cut.
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  5. cute! I love projects with vintage book pages!

  6. What a creative idea i'm going to have try this one!


  7. I love your ornament. I would love for you to join my weekly linky, fri-monday come strut your stuff. I also have an ogoing winter linky this would be perfect in. You can find it on the right side bar.
    Hope to see you soon.

  8. These are so sweet Erin!! I love bird ornaments!!

  9. Lovely bird ornament! A tree full of different book page ornaments would be so nice!

  10. I love this ornament! so simple and vintagey-will definitely be trying it-thanks for posting!

  11. What a great craft project - my girls would love this. Your newest follower, Karima

  12. What a beautiful paper bird! I would love it if you linked it up over at The T-shirt Diaries Upcycling Linky party:

  13. Your paper bird ornament tied for the most viewed link at last week's Bedazzle Me Monday!! Feel free to stop by and grab a feature button!! Thanks for linking :)

    Also, we'd love to see you at Random Act of Kindness Week this week!! Check it out here:

  14. O my what a beautiful craft.I will do these with my children in school tomorrow.


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