NUO Challenge Ornament #16 Caged Animals


These ornaments are very roughly based on a class I took at TCC, taught by Brenda Schweder.  I had to rework the wire a bit after the kids got done but I’m still pretty happy with the results.  I think it would’ve worked better if we’d had used smaller items with more wire!


  • wire, I couldn’t tell you what gauge ours is, I’m guessing it’s smaller than 18 because it is very pliable. 
  • trinkets, plastic animals, etc.
  • tissue paper
  • wire cutters
  • bowl of water
  • small pliers



The videos explain it pretty well but just in case you don’t watch them,  here’s another run through this ornament.

Start off by taking your small trinket and wrapping it with the tissue paper, be sure not to use too much.  This is really just creating a kind of containment cage between the trinket and the wire. 

Next, start wrapping the wire around the tp’ed trinket.  I’d recommend wrapping the wire a minimum of 10 times around.

Once it’s wrapped secure the ends with the pliers and then dip the entire thing into the water.  *Important point to remember.  I think the wire we were using was treated or something because it didn’t rust.  If you use a wire that does rust you’ll want to rub it with steel wool and then Renaissance wax.

Now just carefully bend and close off any holes your trinket can slip out of, add a tie and you’re ready to hang it on the tree!



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