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It's that time of year again to bring out the glue guns and start making Christmas ornaments with the kids.  But something, kinda, unexpected happened - my oldest son rebelled.

Here's the back story...I was once one of those people who had a designer Christmas tree.  Sincerely, I'd spend all day putting the ornaments on so that they hung in perfect symmetry.  On more than one occasion I took everything off and re-did it to try to reach some crazy sense of perfection.  During the first seven (okay, maybe eight) years of his life my son knew that when it was time to put up the tree that really meant, get out of momma's way!  My poor son didn't hang an ornament of his own until he was in the double digits. 

After moving back to Missouri from Colorado we discovered our Christmas tree and some of the ornaments fell victim to mold.  We went with a real tree instead and in the spirit of change I had all three kids make homemade ornaments.  It wasn't pretty and it was most definitely not perfect but it was fun, so we've been doing it ever since.  My husband, Nate, and Teagan, are not exactly happy about this, they miss the pretty trees.

Flash forward to a couple of weeks ago, I was toying around with the idea of featuring an ornament a day, here on the blog.  Ornaments I could make with the kids.  Teagan pleaded, "NO!  No more ugly trees!"

I'm not keen on being told NO, so instead I'm challenging myself and my kids to create an entire set of new homemade ornaments that aren't ugly!

Every week day for the month of November we'll be either following a tutorial or creating something of our own and sharing it here with pictures and videos!  I hope that you can follow along, grab a button, and share your Christmas ornament stories PLUS if you have an ornament you think we should try please send me a link or a message!

Check back on November 1st for our first ornament and anytime after that you can visit the No Ugly Ornament Challenge Page for a complete listing of the ornaments featured!


  1. I'm in! Can not wait to see these fun ornaments. Hoping the girls can make a few for gifts... You know- knock a few peeps off my list!


  2. Great idea! I look forward to seeing your pretty ornaments!

    Priscila @

  3. Great idea! I'll be following along to check out what yall make!

  4. This sounds like so much fun! What a great way to involve kids in your crafts!

  5. What a great idea! Featuring your challenge on tickled pink tomorrow!

  6. I'd be honored if you featured one of the ornament tutorials that I have on my blog!! They're all under $1 to make, but look like they cost much more!! Please check them out HERE!! Feel free to e-mail me at virgotigergirl (at) gmail (dot) com!!
    Lisa's Craft Blog

  7. These are gorgeous! I love the caged animals one, and the birds.


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