Tin Can Creatures

This is a project I’ve been working on here and there for over a month now, I’m sure my husband will be glad these cans have finally found a home outside. 

  • tin cans
  • DecoArt Patio paint
  • sponge brushes
  • colored floral wire (find it at the Dollar Tree)
  • ice pick
  • rubber mallet
  • googly eyes
  • hot glue gun
Tin Can Creatures-1 @mvemother #recycledcraft #yard #tincan
First I started off by painting the tin cans with the Patio paint. We made a ladybug, bumblebee, dragonfly, and mystery bug.

Tin Can Creatures - 2 @mvemother #recycledcraft #yard #tincan
Next I used the ice pick to put holes in the cans, be careful and use a vise if you have one. Put the holes near the bottom of the can. You just need one for the wings and one directly opposite it for the post to stick them in the garden.

Tin Can Creatures -4 www.myveryeducatemother.com #recycledcraft #reusecraft #tincan #yardart
Getting the wings right on these little buggers was a challenge. I’d love to tell you how to do it perfectly but each bug’s wings went in differently. I do recommend keeping the wire in the spiral shape as much as possible.

Tin Can Creatures - 5 www.myveryveryeducatedmother.com #yardart #upcycle #bugart
Add a tail for your dragonfly and be sure to pull his wings out so they are more oblong than circular. THE EYES, DON’T FORGET THE EYES!

Tin Can Creatures via My Very Educated Mother #upcycle #tincan #yardart
Now, originally I planned on putting theses on pvc pipe but it was way to big so instead I used sticks I found in the yard! Just wedge that baby in there!

Ta-Da! Aren’t they cute?

Tin Can Creatures 2 via My Very Educated Mother #upcycle #tincan #yardart
Right now they’re hanging out in my Calendula bed. (YES, I know I waited to long to put the seeds down, I’m just hoping they hang on for the fall.)

Tin Can Creatures4 via @mvemother #upcycle #recycle #yardart


  1. You are so talented. Love your little garden critters. So simple to make, love patio paint, have used it for years now, never disappointed. Glad you shared your garden critters.
    Think these would be good projects for the hubs after I painted them. He needs a project like this to give him some joy. He's kinda burned out on making wood projects. Happy days, great project.

  2. Cute idea!! You could also add a string between them and make them into a banner for a bug party...fun, fun!

  3. Erin, love these! So cute. Makes a great garden project!

  4. Oh wow I love this simple but fun idea - going to have to try this with my little one this weekend - I think he will love it, thanks for sharing
    Just stopping by from Live laugh linky

    Laura x

  5. These are so sweet! What a great little outdoor garden accent! ;) Bonnie

  6. This is an awesome way to bring color into the more "dull" or darker areas of a garden! {love those googly eyes!}

  7. these are too cute! I'm such a hippie, we don't eat metal-canned food anymore so I had to go to the dollar store to buy food in tin cans so I could make these. Ha!

    I'm also going to feature you on Dollar Store crafts some time in the next week. There are ADORABLE

  8. This a cute idea. I will have to keep it for when my boys get a bit older.

  9. Ok, I came back to tell you I featured you on Creative Green Living today as well. I love these!



  11. Hi I love these, just one question, how do you manage with the sharp part of the can after they have been opened?


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