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Turn an Old Bookcase into a DIY Cat Tower

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #NutrishCatCrafts #CollectiveBias

Repurpose an old bookshelf into a cheap and easy, DIY cat tower!

Just as I never thought I’d like guacamole, I never thought I’d like cats; thankfully my opinions on both have changed drastically over the last couple years. 

Now that our two cats, Kiera and Love, are  regular parts of my life (much like guacamole) I’ve gone all Mom on them and made sure that their needs are taken care of just like everyone else under my care. That means: If my human kids get delicious, wholesome ingredients in their food, so do the cats in the way of the Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® cat food line; and I’m making DIY projects with them in mind like my latest creation, the bookshelf turn cat tower, featured at the bottom of this post.

Looking for Zero Grain cat food? Try Nutrish by Rachael Ray.  This post is sponsored.

Rachael Ray has been offering premium foods and treats for dogs since 2007, and in 2014 she expanded the brand to include cat food. The line boasts, “Real Recipes. Real Ingredients. Real Good.” What that means is there are ZERO grains, gluten, fillers, artificial flavors and preservatives, or by-products. Instead you’ll find essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in a food your cat is sure to love. 

Looking for Zero Grain cat food? Try Nutrish by Rachael Ray at Walmart and many other retailers. Sponsored post.

Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® wet and dry cat foods can be found at a number of retailers, I found a few of  the wet varieties at our local Walmart on my last trip, there are eight wet recipes in all. Because I do so much online shopping I was also happy to find the Zero Grain Chicken & Potato recipe on amazon.com. This recipe features U.S. farm-raised chicken as it’s #1 ingredient.

Real Recipes. Real Ingredients. Real Good.

It’s nice to know when I have a busy week I can easily stop by the store, or even order cat food online. To learn where you can find Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® visit the Where to Buy section of their website.  

This is such an easy way to make a cat tower and I love that it doesn't make me look like a crazy cat lady!

Guys, this is actually a really easy project we got it done in about an hour and that was even after hunting for a utility knife, hooking up the air compressor, and all that jazz. Here's a list of the supplies you'll need. 


-- old bookshelf (or a new one you can find them at Walmart too)
-- large piece of carpeting
-- 4 plastic cat toy balls with bells
-- fishing line
-- Tools: staple gun, drill, scissors/utility knife, glue gun

Cut, Staple, and Glue! Turn a bookshelf into a cat tower complete with scratching post sides!

1. Cut pieces of your carpet to fit along the sides and shelves of your bookshelf. It'll act as both a place for your cat to rest and a scratching post. 

TIP: I used a trimmed rug I'd found in the home section of Walmart. To discourage fraying I lined up the trimmed edges of the rug with the edges of the shelf whenever possible. I also used the hot glue gun to clean up the back of the shelf and take care of any cuts I knew would fray. 

2. Staple down your carpet pieces, excluding the top shelf - you'll see why on the next step. 

We, okay-my husband, used an air compressor staple gun because, ahem, I have weak hands and couldn't get the regular staple gun to go into the wood of the shelf. For the record, I'd planned on doing the work, but once I said the hand stapler wasn't working, he brought out the air compressor, and took over.

Drill holes into your DIY Cat Tower Bookshelf to hang cat toys from, trust me your furry friends will thank you!

3. Drill four holes into the top inside shelf of your new tower. 

4. Tie one of the cat toys to a long piece of fishing line and weave it up through one of the holes and down through another before tying on a second cat toy. 

5. Repeat step #4 with the remaining cat toys.

6. Lay the final carpet piece into the top shelf, and over the fishing line. 

Our cats like to start playing on our DIY Cat Tower and Scratching Post at about midnight, or once I fall asleep. They're awesome like that!

I catch the girls sleeping in the shelves and rubbing against the sides, but they usually wait until everyone is in bed before they start playing. Case in point, the pictures above were taken at about midnight.

One last thing I want to tell you about Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® wet and dry cat foods, Rachael’s personal proceeds go to Rachael’s Rescue. This organization was created to help shelter pets in need with food, medical supplies and treatments. To date, she has donated over $14 Million. 

Like what you see? Stop by the Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® Pinterest Page for more fun projects like this one, and to learn more about the benefits of Zero Grain cat foods. 

Erin Sipes
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Packing for a Float Trip

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GIVEEXTRAGETEXTRA #Walgreens #CollectiveBias 

Going on a Float Trip? Be sure to bring these Essentials!

In a few short weeks our local rivers will become weekend destinations, and outside of fishing the one activity everyone loves is a good, relaxing float trip. In our house, I like the fast moving currents while my husband prefers the meandering waters, thankfully we usually get a bit of both on our excursions. If you’re new to spending the day on the water you’ll want to be sure to pack these essentials.

First and foremost, when you’re floating it’s really important to only bring those thing you’ll really need. Unless you’re also camping, leave your change of clothes and valuables in the car, and you can get to them when you get OUT of the water. Here are a few more things you'll want to bring along.

Erin Sipes
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A Father's Day Gift Idea - DIY Beard Oil

Father's Day Gift Idea - DIY Beard Oil, Easy enough for the kids to make themselves.

In our house good night hugs mean getting scratched up by Dad’s beard. He uses a beard balm but since it goes on in the morning by the time he gets home he’s back to being a mountain man. So, the kids and I decided to make beard oil for him this Father’s Day. 

You know what makes this an awesome gift idea? It’s a Craft Lightning project which means it only takes 15 minutes to create! 


Basic Essential Oil Set
Carrier Oil - such as almond
small empty containers 
medicine dropper

Father's Day Gift Idea DIY Beard Oil, first you have to start with a carrier oil.

First step we measured 1 full ounce of the carrier oil and put it into our empty containers with the medicine dropper. 30ml equals 1 oz also we used recycled sample sized containers but you can usually find new ones at the dollar or craft store. 

Father's Day Gift Idea DIY Beard Oil The kids picked out the scents.

Second we added our essential oil, I recommend sticking with 18-24 drops. It really depends on the strength of the oil. I let the kids have free reign on their mixtures, thankfully they did pretty good; I don’t know that I’d recommend that for everyone. 

Father's Day Gift Idea DIY Beard Oil, thankfully the kids worked at finding the right scent.

Finally, we made labels!

Father's Day Gift Idea: DIY Beard Oil and the kids are making the labels.

And very carefully placed them onto our bottles.

DIY Beard Oil So easy the kids can make it! Father's Day Gift Idea

I know my husband is going to love this gift! 

Special thanks to this month’s Craft Lightning hosts, The Country Chic Cottage, 30 Minute Crafts, Busy Mom's Helper. For more Father’s Day ideas be sure to visit one of them by clicking the image below. 

Erin Sipes
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