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A Walk in the Garden

If I had a word for this year it’d have to be patience. I’m constantly being reminded that change and growth take time and that little lesson has never been more front and center than when I walk through our yard/gardens. Last year I picked up a handful of perennial herbs I had planned to use in our landscaping but they’d barely grew so I moved them to one of our raised beds to wait out the winter, if they’d even make it through, and until I could figure out where to stick them.

Well before the last frost of this past winter, these plants were already greening up and growing beautifully! Looking at them, and some of the others I’d given up on last year, I realized my error in not giving them the benefit of the doubt. My normally logical mind gets in such a rush for growth, for change, for whatever it is I want in my live and for my family that I end up expecting too much. Disappointment is a guarantee and halfway through the experience I find myself giving up.

This is my garden now…maybe in a few months I’ll be able to share an update, then again, maybe I won’t.


Erin Sipes
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Craft Fail: DIY Sharpie Tie Dye

The idea of using Sharpies to tie dye seemed brilliant and the pictures on Pinterest were just spectacular. I’d been wanting to make derby shirts for the kids anyway so why not turn it into an afternoon Art project. I followed a few different sets of directions but here’s the gist of it.
I colored my design on a cotton onesie.
I used an eye dropper to drip rubbing alcohol onto it. The color bled…faintly.
I let the design dry completely (p.s. if you try it don’t put it in the dryer unless you want to chance setting a fire).
I ironed it to set in the stain.
I washed and dried it like I normally would and this is what I ended up with.

#sharpietiedye #craftfail #dontdoit
Yeah, I was utterly disappointed and glad I hadn’t let the kids do their shirts until I tested the technique. Maybe I didn’t color it in enough but I really doubt it would have make a difference. Besides the black ink you can barely see the ‘tie dye’ effect, instead it looks like I took markers to the shirt unaware the colors would spread and fade ultimately make this look like a dirty shirt, not an Art project. Even this poor baby knows this was definitely a fail!

#craftfail #sharpietiedye #mymommymademewearit
P.S. If you’re wondering what happened to little Desmond’s face, he is wearing my Bad Mom of the Month Award…a sunburn.
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Erin Sipes
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