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Okay so yeah, it isn’t going to be September 30th it will be October 5th! THAT’S TODAY! AHHHHHHHHH!

Based on the papers I signed I’m not sure if I’m allowed to write this, anyhow my views of both women were solidified. Here is my list of observations and points. Watch the show and tell me what you think. Hopefully no attorneys will hunt me down and sue me for writing it.

  • Oprah’s staff truly work! I can’t believe the sets they remade to look like a Martha approved craft room, kitchen and laundry room.
  • They were also good at leading Oprah to where-ever they needed her to go.
  • I was confused when they set up a couple of chairs and tables on the side of the stage, I started to think they were going to do a fashion show or something but no, I was mistaken. They were setting up chairs for Miss O and Miss M to sit and get touched up while the sets were changed. I only mention it because they sat there for maybe five to ten minutes.
  • Oprah walks oddly, I’m going to guess her shoes were tight. See what you think.
  • No we didn’t get a book. Shocking right, I mean seriously we were all surprised. But we still made out! Yes, it will make you even more jealous! Right now I’m evilly laughing and throwing my head back…not really but it does make for a funny image in your head right?
  • Martha’s pants…dare I say too tight. She had a little muffin top going on and to expand on the topic her entire outfit just didn’t seem as put together as I would have expected. Tsk, tsk Miss Martha where was your stylist that day?
  • Yes they cooked but no we didn’t get samples, but would you want to try a grilled cheese with sardines?lol Just kidding! kinda
  • Unless I read too much into it, Oprah made a condescending comment to the lady sitting in front of me about her clothes.
  • Yes, we still got some good stuff from Miss Martha. See picture plus a gift card from Michael’s-Where Creativity Happens…or something like that.
  • Yes, we had a wait a bit in line but considering how long I’ve stood in lines at concerts it was NOTHING, and we sat longer than we stood I couldn’t believe people were complaining!
  • The only other two women getting ready at the hostel at 6 in the morning scored front row seats? WHA…I think it’s ‘cause they were Canadian and maybe more photogenic than my glowing black hair. Yes, black can glow!
  • Interview-wise, Oprah really wanted to hear about Martha’s prison time but I didn’t care I was more interested in hearing about whether or not Martha gets nervous and stressed out before she hosts a party.
  • You have to actually let the food and drink pass completely through your lips before you go on about how delicious it tastes. Watch and see if you can tell what I’m talking about.
  • The Show airs on October 5th, I’m in the back row (just like picture time at school) close to a really loud lady who kept raising her hands. Oh, there was one of them in front of me too!

Okay…now lets see how long this stay online before someone tells me to take it down :) Yes, I know I have a delusional sense of self importance but if you were as great as me you would too!

Erin Sipes
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