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Tassel Hat

Say it with me, DIY Tassel Hats! A must for your summer wardrobe!

A while back I read this tassel bag post over on Brit + Co and was sucked into a tassel fascination. Personally, I've alway though of tassels as an old-school decorating prop, but of course I'm thinking of those oversized, world market-esque ones that were so big years ago. You know, a real Pier One circa 1999 look.

Today's tassels are much more fun, colorful, and made from a number of different materials. I was wracking my brain trying to think of something I could jazz up with a few of these dangly delights and then we went to the Dollar Store. There were exactly two, one for me-one for my daughter, plain straw hats left and I knew what I had to make. TASSEL HATS!!

My original plan was to make miniature tassels and hang them from the brim of the hat...what? It would've been cute! Unfortunately I was vetoed by every family member, except my husband who always agrees with my crafting decisions because he doesn't want to hear me defend them.

Anyhow, the hats are still chic and trendy in ways I rarely am, and I like saying, "This is my tassel hat." Here's how I made the tassels and what you need to make a tassel hat of your own.

A rainbow feather boa is the best accessory to go with a DIY Tassel Hat!

  • embroidery floss
  • straw hats
  • fishing line and sewing needle
  • hot glue gun

I kept my tassels super simple by wrapping my finger 10 times with the floss to create a loop. Next I pinched the top of the loop and wrapped it about five times before using the hot glue to hold the floss in place. Finally, I snipped the bottom of the loop. Repeat until you have all the tassels you want or need.

How to make mini tassels with @mvemother

When you use the hot glue gun be sure to be careful and use it sparingly, these are little tassels they don't need a lot of glue. I'd also recommend using finger guards or a low-temp gun if you have one.

NOTE: Before I resorted to the hot glue I tried securing the tassels with fabric glue and E6000, but the threads kept popping up and coming undone before the glue could dry. 

Add tassels to a simple straw hat for a bit of colorful summer fun! via @mvemother

Now that you have a wealth of cute little tassels you can use the fishing line to sew them onto your hat. Just sew through that top loop. 

OR since you already have the glue gun out, just hot glue those babies onto your hat!

Dress up your summer wardrobe with a fun tassel hat! via @mvemother

Hmm, I wonder what kind of summer fun we can have in a Tassel Hat? 
Erin Sipes
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