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A Walk in the Garden

If I had a word for this year it’d have to be patience. I’m constantly being reminded that change and growth take time and that little lesson has never been more front and center than when I walk through our yard/gardens. Last year I picked up a handful of perennial herbs I had planned to use in our landscaping but they’d barely grew so I moved them to one of our raised beds to wait out the winter, if they’d even make it through, and until I could figure out where to stick them.

Well before the last frost of this past winter, these plants were already greening up and growing beautifully! Looking at them, and some of the others I’d given up on last year, I realized my error in not giving them the benefit of the doubt. My normally logical mind gets in such a rush for growth, for change, for whatever it is I want in my live and for my family that I end up expecting too much. Disappointment is a guarantee and halfway through the experience I find myself giving up.

This is my garden now…maybe in a few months I’ll be able to share an update, then again, maybe I won’t.


I’ll start things off with the ugly. This lackluster circle is right in front of our house and well it’s going to stay as weedy as you see it now for the rest of the summer. Eyesore that it is, there are too many other places I want to focus my attention.


This is Lamb’s Quarter, it along with the Purslane surrounding the green beans in the second photo below are the bane to my existence. No, not really. They’ll the little gifts last year’s load of manure keeps on giving. I hear they’re good so I’m letting the Purslane grow up some.

lambsquarterspurslane in the beans

Next up those lovely herbs from last year, Sage, Thyme, Catmint, and Lemon Balm. I seriously love them!


I’ve spoken before of our gargantuan blackberry bush well…we cut it all down and don’t intend on letting it grow back. Instead we’ve got this plant next to the back of the house (which I’m unsure about since it seems prone to snakes) as well as several along a fence line. Hopefully we’ll get some good berries out of this bush at least and be able to replenish our jam supplies.


In case you were wondering what took the place of the blackberries it was these new beds. I’m hoping to take advantage of the sun and grow melons and winter squash back here.


Last year I actually had some success with the Calendula I filled in this circle bed. This time around the Calendula will be on the outside and in an effort to maximize my garden output, and try a little companion planting, Zucchini has been planted on the inside. Wish us luck.


Circle number two is all about the ivy. I have no intention of doing anything over here outside of feeding all the little ivy plants and praying it goes wild! (Now you know I couldn’t have the camera out and NOT have Essie right behind me and willing to pose for a picture.)


This is the super awesome greens (whose name I don’t recall) that are growing in a Pinterest inspired garden bed.greensgrowing

Yep, it’s growing in the far bag…so far so good! I might have to give a quick share of what/how we did this in a Pin It-Did It post.


In an effort to speed this along, because I’m sure I’m boring you with all the pictures, here is a collage of a few more spots in the yard I’m excited and hopeful about.


Hope your garden is filled with possibilities and that, like me, you’re willing to give them the time to grow and bloom.

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Erin Sipes
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  1. What a great space! You'll be so proud of your plants and boxes soon. I didn't plant a garden this year because my little lot is too shady now. Eeek! I'm envious of your sunshiney space. :)


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