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Make Your Holiday Food Photos Shine

Less than a week from today we’ll all be digging into our Thanksgiving dinners and chances are pretty good, before we take our first bite we’ll be snapping a picture or two. In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by Swanson, nearly 1 in 4 Americans will take or post a photo of their meal this holiday season. Just as they help give our foods a kick of flavor, this year, Swanson is also sharing tips that’ll help make your holiday food photos shine!

Tips from Swanson to Make Your Holiday Food Photos Shine

· Capture the Cooking Process – There’s no need to wait to the meal hits the table to start capturing your holiday food photos. Start with some action shots in the kitchen, like stirring the pots on the stove or pulling the golden brown turkey or Moist & Savory Stuffing out of the oven.  


· Choose the Right Serving Dish – Using a smaller serving bowl for stuffing or mashed potatoes makes the dish look full and plentiful, while taking up less space on the holiday table. Choosing a dish in a contrasting color helps the food pop.


· Add a Garnish – For photo worthy dishes, add a garnish of an ingredient that is found in the dish or that complements its flavors. For example, butternut squash and sage soup can be topped with fried sage leaves, creme fraiche, pumpkin seeds and even pomegranate seeds to add color and texture. If your dish features a signature ingredient like stuffing with cranberries, reserve a handful of berries to sprinkle over the top before it goes into the oven.


· Hold Steady – For crisp food photos, make sure your smartphone doesn’t shake. Brace your elbow against the table to cut down on movement or turn on the “anti-shake” setting available on some phones.


· Change Your Angle – Try changing the angle to make your food photos feel fresh. Photograph the holiday table from directly above for an interesting shot or capture a finished dish from the side like with these glazed carrots.


· Incorporate Color with a Tablescape – Choosing a colorful background can really make your dishes pop. Try a tablecloth in a saturated hue that works well with the different dishes you’ll be serving.


· Try a Filter – When capturing food, avoid over-filtering your photos; food looks most appetizing in its natural colors and doesn’t need a rainbow of effects.


image008This holiday season don’t forget to use Swanson broths in your recipes, my personal favorite is their Natural Goodness Chicken Broth not because of how great it taste but because it has 1/3 less sodium than regular broth and is fat free!

I also just learned that Swanson has a fun new line of Flavor Infused broths (Mexican Tortilla, Thai Ginger and Chinese Hot & Sour) perfect for creating unique meals without the hassle of trying to hunt down out of the ordinary ingredients.

Erin Sipes
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