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Telling The Kids We’re Having a Baby

Telling your family you’re pregnant can be a hard thing to do. Should you be blunt? Should you drop hints? Should you keep mum until you’re showing? Or…should you make it fun? We chose to make it fun! I found this cool fetus/food comparison chart and decided to use it to break the ice about the baby growing in my belly. We can discuss how creepy it is to compare babies to food another time for now just watch the video and see how the two little ones reacted.

So yes, it’s official, I’m pregnant. That means you’re probably going to hear the story about how I wasn’t supposed to get pregnant, how karma kicked me in the ass for turning into an anti-baby Mom, and there are bound to be many more baby related posts, products, and projects to be discussed. You’ve been warned. - Erin

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Erin Sipes
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  1. OMGosh . . . . A-DOR-ABLE!!! I laughed each time your daughter said, "Can I eat it?" . . . That would totally be my you gets daughters reaction if I put any sort of food in her hands . . . "Yeah, cool . . . But can I eat THIS RIGHT HERE???"I'd imagine her saying!!! Now. . . . to what I really want to say . . . Holy cow and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It is going to be so fun watching you through this journey! I am thrilled for you!!!!!!!,

  2. Congrats! I can't WAIT to hear this story. I keep telling my hubby not to say stuff about other babies or this will happen to us too and this mommy can't handle another one.

  3. Congratulations Erin!!!

    What wonderful news! I cracked up watching the video! I really look forward to hearing the stories of your pregnancy, you are such a great story-teller and have a way of making me laugh-out-loud, I know the coming months are going to be great.

    Peace, Love & Joy,

  4. What baby? Oh, it's a blueberry? What baby? There's gonna be a baby? Congratulations, Erin!


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