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Craft Fail: The Christmas Pickle

To spread a little Christmas chuckle I thought I’d share one of the many crafting fails I’ve had this month. Merry Christmas and see ya next year.Erin

This is not my own picture, it's from Wiki

Whether it originated in Germany or America is apparently up for debate as is the exact story behind the Christmas Pickle Tradition. Here’s my version, Santa hides a pickle ornament on your tree Christmas Eve, the first to find it in the morning opens the first present AND gets blessed with a wonderful year.

Sounds like fun right? Nod your head up and down.

Being the DIYer that I am I figured why buy a pickle ornament when I can make one. I mean come on, ornaments are becoming my thing.

Hmm, but how to do it? I KNOW! Why not felt a pickle out of the chartreuse wool roving bought a year ago to make hats with my mother? Sorry we never got those hats made mom.

Here goes. Wool Roving

Okay, I’ve taken out the roving and I’m starting to form my pickle.

@mvemother Wool Roving Felting

It’s time to start getting it wet and soapy.

My Very Educated Mother I SWEAR THIS IS A PICKLE

Good God Almighty, I know you have to have a sense of humor otherwise why would you let me take this picture? It was about this time that I also had my oldest son actually start videotaping the process. After watching it I realized the video had slight pornographic qualities to it and deleted it as quickly as I could.

My pickle looks like crap, literally.

About here is when I said, “Crap.” My son corrected me, "Leprechaun Crap." It still looks like crap

I just couldn’t admit defeat and start over, I couldn’t. So instead I stitched on a smile and glued on some googly eyes. I’ve been told this made my pickle resemble a South Park character. CRAFT FAIL: A Christmas Pickle

And then I hung it on the tree in all it’s creased, green, excrement-like glory! It’s as if I can hear it saying,

Merry Christmas, Eat More Fiber!

Erin Sipes
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  1. You really had me belly chucklin reading this post about the pickle ornament. Uh yeah I think I can see what you were referring to and why you deleted it, lol. Gotta give ya E for effort tho. Your pickle happy face is quite fetching.
    Hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you a very happy New Year.

  2. Okay...I stopped by your blog to comment on your new year's post, but this one has got me literally laughing out loud to the point where my roommate is looking at me like I'm crazy. This is the best post I've read in ages. =) Happy new year!


  3. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Oh my gosh, you had me laughing out loud!!! It's so wonderful to know that even one of my favorite creative people has a creative failure once in awhile....although I actually kind of love him! Or maybe I just love him because he makes me laugh!

    Peace, Love & Joy,

  4. This rocks! I am stopping by from the Saturday Laughs link-up and this was perfect. You've got to open an Etsy shop with these things :)

  5. No matter how good it turned out, it was going to be a phallic disaster anyway. A Christmas pickle surely was designed as a way to make everyone snort and snicker as they talk about it every Christmas. I know just how you feel, figuring there's nothing to it, make one of your own, right? I had a Christmas craftastrophe that was nowhere near as side splitting but so irritating. You'll have to come visit my blog and share in my disappointment. It's not rocket science! Why can't we just make things the way we imagine them???? I hope you will hang your Christmas poo, I mean Christmas pickle for many, many years to come!

  6. That is all sorts of awesome!!! I absolutely love how you turned it into a South Park character-LOL!!!

  7. Visit for the book about how Pennie became the Christmas Pickle


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