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*NUO* Paper Snowflakes

NUOChallenge2012300button photo NUOChallenge2012300button.jpg

Everyone loves a good paper snowflake and this one from the Thrifty Ninja looks so complicated you might not want to admit to anyone just how easy it is! -Erin

@mvemother #NUO2012 Paper Snowflakes @thriftyninja

What do you think of when you think of Christmas? I think of snow and Christmas trees. The perfect way to combine the two is by creating these gorgeous snowflake ornaments. Each snowflake can be made with different colors or combinations of colors. They are perfect for the tree or even to adorn a gift. You can make them big, small, medium, huge, teeny, really whatever you want! They are so much easier to make than they look! Just a few minutes and you can have one made up. Promise! Here is how easy they are to make:

  • Pretty scrapbook paper or card stock
  • Glue stick
  • Optional: Paper Cutter - this isn't necessary but make life so much easier to get the lines straight

#NUO2012 Paper Snowflakes2 @thriftyninja

Cut 12 strips of paper 3/4″. They can be any length that you'd like, I left mine the full 10 inches of the piece of paper, but they could be smaller if you'd like.

@mvemother #NUO2012 Paper Snowflakes3

Fold each piece of paper in half. This makes it SO MUCH easier when you are lining things up to make sure you have the exact same length on each end.

@mvemother #NUO2012 Paper Snowflakes5
Glue two pieces of paper together. Place one piece of paper down, putting a small amount of glue on the enter, the place another piece on top. Ensure the center creases cross. Now do this again to create a second set.

#NUO2012 Paper Snowflakes6

Create a weave pattern by placing a strip of paper under the center strip as shown. Use glue where the pieces touch to keep the weave from coming loose.

Add another strip of paper, using the same method on the other side of the center piece. This will give you three strips in one direction. Follow the same method to add two strips in the opposite direction. You should have three pieces of paper vertically and three pieces horizontally.

Repeat on each set.
  #NUO2012 Paper Snowflakes7
After the glue has dried, flip the paper over. Glue each of the corners together as shown above. This will create four points with one piece of paper, in the center still straight. Again, do this on each set.

#NUO2012 Paper Snowflakes8
Take each piece and put them with wrong sides together. This will ensure the printed side is facing outward, regardless of which side you see. You do not want your points to line up, but each point you created will fit into the center of the other piece. You want each point to line up with a straight piece of paper.

#NUO2012 Paper Snowflakes9
Glue each piece of straight paper to the point. This will connect the two pieces, creating one snowflake.
 #NUO2012 Paper Snowflakes NO Ugly Ornament Series
You can either add a string or ornament hanger to showcase your beautiful snowflake. These would also be gorgeous in a window, on a gift or hanging on a wall.

Amber is the founder and publisher of Thrifty Ninja. In addition to writing, she is a wife and mother of three children. Amber connects with her readers through various topics, including DIY, beauty, fashion, technology and community. She loves finding ways to create gorgeous items, while still staying within a tight budget.
Erin Sipes
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  1. I'm gonna make some of these. Not very coordinated but I'm gonna make 'em anyway by jingo. Good tutorial and a great project for a tree or any other way to use them to decorate. Need to go digging thru all my Christmas papers, get some more. Love making things for Christmas. Thought I'd start a little earlier this year so I'm not killing myself at the last minute. Wow what a concept.

  2. I think I'm gonna try these with some double sided paper, or something of the sort. Thanks for the tutorial!


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