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PFBC: Where the H*LL am I? And Other Things On My Mind

map of New York

I’m a paranoid person.  When driving down the highway I imagine 18 wheeler’s tires blowing and either taking off my head or causing their loads to topple over trapping us in a fiery death.  It’s who I am and I’ve come to accept that.  So, when I know I’m going to be in an unfamiliar place I like to scope it out before I get there.  You know, so I know where to go when the ax-wielding madman is on the loose or there’s a sudden outbreak of E. coli.

You’re probably wondering how being paranoid and blogging conferences mesh together…well, we’re going to pretend it’s not paranoia but a need to be prepared that drives me for starters.  Having a general idea of where you are, in my opinion, is a mandatory requirement to getting around ANYWHERE!  Here are a few other reasons why it’s NOT a waste of time to check out MapQuest, Google Maps, or whatever and figure out where the hell you are going. 
  • It Saves You Money
    • Have you bought a bottle of water in a hotel?  Dinner?  Snack?  Cup of Coffee?  Yeah, me neither.  Especially not after I did a virtual walk around the neighborhood and found a couple of grocery stories, restaurants, and Starbucks.
    • Off-site parties may be way off-site, or they may be a few blocks away.  Keep that cab fare in your pocket and put on your walking shoes.  I swear it won’t hurt, save the cab ride for the trek back to the hotel when you’re feeling tipsy and loaded with swag.

  • You Less Likely To Get Lost
    • Imagine someone comes up to you at the gas station and asks, “Is there a Wal-Mart here?  Where is it?”  When you start to give directions you see their eyes gloss over at the first mention of a turn and the panic in their voice as they say, “Wait, I should write this down.”  Don’t be that person.  You don’t have to be a human road atlas but for goodness sake it doesn’t hurt to give it a glance.  Know what direction your going…north, south, east, and west.

  • More Efficient Sight-Seeing
    • This year at BlogHer I have only a few windows of time to do some sight-seeing.  I don’t want to waste any of that time looking over maps and asking questions, period.

  • You’ll Be First in Line in the Restroom
    • If you have the time, walk around the conference location and become familiar with the elevators, bathrooms, stairs, etc.  Every time we go to the Fox to see a show I’m amazed at the lines spilling out of the women’s restrooms.  Especially when, just one floor above is a virtual ghost town. 
Other Things On My Mind ( or what I’m really thinking about)
  • I ordered a new camera about a week ago and I won’t get it until this Friday.  That makes me upset.
  • I've been working on projects for the EcoChic’s July Upcycling Crafting Challenge, once I get that camera you’ll be seeing more about it!  I swear!
  • This week I should get an appointment with a neurologist to figure out what’s up with my head/nerve pain.  Remember this…we think it may be back but in a different spot.
  • I still haven’t received my BlogHer volunteer schedule which means I can’t really get excited or figure out which sessions I want to attend.
  • What should’ve been a monster harvest of blackberries has shriveled up in the sun and been destroyed by pests.  Heat waves suck.
  • Selling the house seems like the impossible dream which means we’re looking at an easy $4,000 in homeschooling and private school expenses.
  • I checked out Tinkers electronically and it’s about to expire…I still have roughly 500 Kindle Fire pages to read.  I forgot how much fun reading can be, Paul Harding’s words are refreshingly well thought out and just pure beauty.
  • I need one week of no pain, no prescriptions, clean eating, cool air, and silence to get back in focus.  Okay, I’ll settle for a kid-free night and a bottle of wine.
Erin Sipes
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  1. I tend to be a worrier too, so I can relate. My husband makes fun of me for my listmaking before we go on a trip. If I didn't have something to check off, I'd worry that I was forgetting something important.

  2. Erin, your tips are good and the one I like the most is You'll Be First in Line in the Restroom. Yes! I do need to try to squeeze in some sightseeing in NY. I haven't even thought about it!

  3. I'm so jealous that you'll be there being all bloggy and stuff. But I know that you'll share some stuff with us on your site so that makes me feel better.


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