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Every Crafter’s #1 Resource

Two yards each of wonderfully patterned fabric that will become pajama pants and shorts for myself and daughter.
Thrift stores and resource centers aren’t just about clothes and the bits and pieces of toys no one wants. Where do you think all of us overzealous crafters take our stashes when they become too much? The Good Samaritan!

When we’ve grown tired of our decor and what a change where do we take the baskets and swags we know, “Someone will want.” The Good Samaritan!

Not everyone has an eye for transformation and when the drawer knob breaks on that coffee table, where do you think they take it? The Good Samaritan!

I could go on and on like this but instead here are a few of my most recent fabulous finds and a secret about the best day to head out to find the good stuff!
A Rachael Ray cookbook, wall mounted mail holder destined to be something so outrageous I can’t even wait to tell you, a swirly plastic placemat to be used as a stencil,  and finally two yards of the most awesome double knit that may be framed or stretched over a canvas….it’s just so darn cool looking I want to keep it intact.
When visiting with other crafty folk I’m always surprised when they admit to never visiting their local resource centers.  Be it Goodwill or a local organization, there is NO better resource for every kind of crafting ephemera.  In addition, the dollars you spend there are going to a good cause.  Personally, I frequent The Good Samaritan in Waynesville, Missouri.  I’d stopped in there a time or two before and yes,I admit it, I walked the circumference of the store and then walked out thinking, “Ew…everything is so messy.” 

These two wooden lovelies were actually my husband’s pick.  Made of seriously heavy wood they look to have been painted and/or varnished.  I’m thinking strip and then stain green. 
Ever the optimist I gave it another go a few months ago and I hit thrift store gold!  Three pairs of jeans for my daughter (all name brand and all with the knees FULLY intact), a toy for each of the little ones, and two coffee mug racks-to paint and use at craft shows, for $4.75.  FOUR DOLLARS and SEVENTY FIVE CENTS.  While I’m sure there’s someone out there saying, “I’ve done better than that!”  I hadn’t and now I’m hooked!   And did I mention, because I love the taste of crow, the clothes smelt cleaner than what my children were wearing?

Blocks, there is NO better children’s toy in my book and we snagged a laundry basket full of these great blocks for $3.  That’s one that’ll be added to the best buy list.
  Don’t get the wrong impression, I’m not out to swindle the fine people of The Good Samaritan.  But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that the merchandise is there today, gone tomorrow.  Yeah, you may walk out sometimes feeling guilty, or maybe that’s just me, but they know what everything is worth… you’re not cheating anyone.  They’ve got a storeroom full of stuff just waiting for you to make a little room on the shelf.  So go…fill your cart…make a little room on the shelf.

014 022
Two different bags of figurines…$3 each.  I know what you’re thinking, what does this have to do with crafting?  Happy kids=happy crafting mothers.  Plus, my kids spend the entire time in the store scouring the toy shelf giving me time to check out everything else without listening to them whine about it.
When is the best time to visit the Good Samaritan?  Technically anytime, but in particular Monday when workers have had a chance to stock things up over Sunday and new pieces of furniture have been dropped off throughout the weekend.  At the end of the year is also good, in particular between Christmas and the New Year.

4 paper mache balls, 1 half-circle foam form, and 5 yards of this basic brown denim/canvas/cotton?  I’m not good with material types.
I’m sure you’re thinking it’s because everyone’s purging to make room for all their spiffy new Christmas presents.  That would be wrong…it’s the end of the year rush to get a tax break.  We are a greedy folk-okay that was just me thinking it’s cheesy to want a tax break on a donation.  Stepping off the soap box now.
Almost forgot, it’s also a grade-A way to do your part in the reuse and repurpose cycle.  Don’t wait, visit your local thrift store or resource center today, okay fine…tomorrow.

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Erin Sipes
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  1. I live near the recycle center in our city but everytime I go, most of the stuff is gone. Flea markets are the big thing here but I don't like going because there are way too many people. Will try to hit one of the second hand stores and see if I can find something cool this week... Berlin was much better for that kind of thing than Munich.

  2. Love this post! I'm having a linky party, and would love for you to join! Here is the link Thanks for sharing!!!


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