Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013: A Year of Movement

My Very Educated Mother

Last Tuesday, after all the presents had been opened and the kids had carried their treasures off to their rooms I logged onto the computer to share my Christmas post. When I was done, I looked to my husband and said, “I’m taking a blogging holiday.”

One week, that’s all I wanted to get things around the house organized and ready for the new year. A day or two to update all our homeschooling records. A moment to remind myself of why I blog and what I want to get out of it. A little time to adjust my plan of action, set measurable goals, write to-do lists, brainstorm, and get excited about the possibilities.

Between naps, coughs, sneezes, headaches, and chills, too tired to speak out loud or put pen to paper, I got the time I wanted to ruminate but had no energy to act. Just like the majority of 2012, the final few days were filled with pain and inaction. When you’re sick - you’re sick, but looking back, my health became an excuse to sit around and think about what I wanted to be doing rather than actually doing it.

I’m a classic New Year’s resolutions kind of girl but as I start this new year with nary a to-do list I have one word on my mind, movement. Active and intentional movement towards what I want in my life. I’m sure there will be setbacks, and more doctor appointments, but I’m making a conscious effort to get up and move even if it’s baby steps with a box of tissue in hand.

What are your resolutions, words, or themes for 2013?

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