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On Being Magnificent

020“…and at once I knew, I was not magnificent.” Holocene, Bon Iver

I’ve been writing this post for two weeks and it’s time for me to just get it out there. It’s always good to turn a critical eye on yourself from time to time, after this summer I knew I was due.  It’s never been my season and no matter my intentions it feels like the only good thing to come out of this one is the revelation that I need to get back to work.

I started this year excited about writing, sharing my writing, and challenging myself to be published.  I wrote a rather good interview (that I will be sharing here soon), shopped it around, and then sat back and waited for the offers and writing opportunities to come to me.  I didn’t keep up with the writing. I didn’t keep pushing the interview. I didn’t really do anything after that initial surge.  Why you ask?

For the past few years, I’ve gotten lucky or been in the right place at the right time and had opportunities present themselves with little effort on my part.  Don’t get me wrong, not everything has gone my way and I’ve had my fair share of long work hours and sacrifice.  Still, this influx of chance occurrences has made me lazy and entirely too comfortable.  As I struggled through this summer, busying myself with social media and half-assed blog posts, the lines of the song quoted above were constantly playing in my head.  I am not magnificent.  I’m only as good as my weakest part, and right now that’s pretty weak.  Humbling but true. 

Why am I telling you all this and what does it mean for you? 

Like anyone else, exposing my shortcomings, publicly no less, motivates me.  Which means you can expect to see a consistent supply of creative crafts, scrumptious recipes, and lots of other fun stuff leading up to the holiday season.  If you don’t, please feel free to call me out on it. 

One last thing…Thank You.  I don’t say it nearly enough but having this venue to express myself (even if it’s via my newest scone recipe) means so much to me and I truly thank you!

Erin Sipes
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  1. Well, I think you're pretty magnificent for being honest. :) Are you doing another No Ugly Ornaments Challenge this year?

  2. I think you just do what you do. I've already found myself saying no to the " should be-s" and " have to-s" when it comes to blogging.


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