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Turning a Tin Into a Work of Art


So remember about a week ago when I posted my craft quickie and hinted at the fact my original idea went way past the 15 minutes time limit?  In actuality it went about 3 hours past that deadline but I was so smitten with the way it was turning out I couldn’t stop myself. 

My original goal was to turn stacks of tissue paper, carefully smoothed out and saved, along with a handful of Christmas tins, into miniature odes to Van Gogh.  I thought if I twisted the paper, rolled it into swirls, and glueing them to the tins I could create a kind of Starry Night effect. 

Making swirls proved more difficult that I thought, so I stuck with circles and though the color palette doesn’t bring to mind the classic Van Gogh the effect was still achieved…at least in my humble opinion.  The only thing I’m rethinking is the glossy Mod Podge.

Here are more notes and photos about the entire process.  It was much more time consuming than I imagined but after I had a twisting technique down it went by much quicker.



  • tissue paper, streamers,
  • scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • tin
  • and, oh, how cute… my timer filled with minutes of wishful thinking.


I started off by cutting the tissue paper into 2 inch strips so that it resembled the streamers, that twisted up much better I might add.


I made up a stash of twisted paper before I got started rolling it.


This is how we roll.


And roll.


Hmm, I have five minutes left and this is all I’ve gotten done.  This was when I realized I wasn’t going to finish in 15 minutes.



Still I kept at it and once the entire tin was covered I added a layer of Podge.  I was a little worried that the paper might start falling apart or bleeding, thankfully it didn’t.





I tried to make the lid and body of the tin blend seamlessly but there were still little bits here and there where the red of the tin peeked out.



Please take a moment to visit my Linky Party Page to find out where I like to share projects like this one! 

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Erin Sipes
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