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Craft fail: Craftsy Supply List Gone Wrong

8-10-09 004

Have you ever had one of those weeks when so many things are happening at once and it’s not really a bad thing but you still feel like you’re being run over by a giant eyeball?  This is one of those weeks for me!

So I thought I’d share a recent craft fail.   It involves Craftsy, expanding foam, and my eternal lack of restraint.

For Christmas, yes that long ago, I decided to give my mother the gift of a Craftsy class that we could do together.  So she picked out the Felted Cloche Hat Workshop, I ordered the wool from Eweniquely Ewe Fibers and instead of just buying the hat form I thought it would be fun to make it myself.  It looked fun, so I used a video on YouTube from Threadbangers as my guide.

I grabbed some Great Stuff.


A make shift hat (One of those floppy hat-like planters) lined with plastic wrap.


Then I got busy. 


Now when I started to fill the hat my gut told me to just fill it a little, let it expand and dry, then repeat the process until I got the shape we needed. 


It was really fun spraying that stuff so I just kept at it until the can was empty.  I swear to you, I have NO self-control.  Then I waited as it expanded.


And expanded. (P.S. can you see me waiving in the picture above?)


And expanded.


After a week and a half…it was still soft and mushy in the bottom of the hat.  So I finally just started ripping it apart and just as I’m sure you guessed, it wasn’t dry.  In fact, it was still liquid and even as I exposed it to air a little bit at a time, it wasn’t expanding any more.

Oh, and did I mention that as I pulled it apart I broke the plastic wrap barrier and well, it did expand a little, into the weave of the hat/planter.


So, guess what else I need to do this week.

Check out My Linky Party Page were I share fun stories like this one and look for inspiration!

Erin Sipes
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  1. Glad to know that someone else has no craft patience!! Funny!

  2. I have a great story about this foamie insulation stuff that I'll have to share with you one day. Let's just say, it involves coming home and finding HUGE GOLD BALLS growing on the side of my house, where my husband wanted to fill in a gap between our brick and our siding. Ah, the memories. . . ;)


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